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Complete HoloLens solution for firstline workers.

Synergy offers a complete HoloLens solution for firstline workers. Using Synergy, users can display IoT data in holographic data dashboards; create holographic scenarios describing standard operation procedures, checklists and technical guides; and receive remote expert support.

IoT Data Dashboard:

  • Holographic data dashboard enables hands-free access to both hot and cold IoT data
  • Data is accessed from Azure IoT Hub
  • Users can configure IoT data dashboard themselves
  • For each data point cold data can be shown in graphs – several data points can be overlaid in single graph
  • Each data dashboard is spatially anchored ensuring spatial context to each step


  • Create step-by-step holographic instructions directly on the HoloLens
  • Add image, video, pdf, 3D model, text audio to each step
  • Record picture, video and audio directly on HoloLens – stored on content backend for later use
  • Import pdf and 3D model from content backend
  • All steps are spatially anchored ensuring spatial context to each step
  • All scenarios are stored in content backend ensuring ease of reuse across devices

Remote Support:

  • A remote expert can join a live session from a standard desktop PC
  • Communication is enabled through VoIP as well as live camera streaming
  • The expert can see the HoloLens user walking around in the 3D scan of the physical location created by the HoloLens
  • The expert can send links to pdf; image and video, which the HoloLens user can anchor in the real world
  • The expert can send directional beacons to guide the HoloLens user to a certain location