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Visual Technologies Inc

cEPS is built to support aggregate products, combining insurance, investment and financial features.

Yesterday, financial services products were independently sold and administered. Consumers used insurance agents to buy life and annuity products, brokers to buy stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and other vertical channels to purchase other products. Today, the market requires that financial services products interoperate to leverage strengths and minimize weaknesses. Providers of these products must focus on selling to a consumer’s need, not selling a specific product. This results in delivering solutions that may encapsulate multiple types of yesterday’s products into a single combination product of today. cEPS is designed and built to support today’s complex financial services products, representing the next evolution for the industry. Instead of the legacy, single-functionality systems that support the vertical products of yesterday, this next generation approach integrates life insurance, annuity, mutual fund, ETF, reverse mortgage, and other product processing components to truly create a combination product that can be sold and administered. In the investment product arena, Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs) and Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) can be considered the first wave of such products. cEPS has evolved one step further by delivering the ability to include insurance components into the mix as well.
For financial services companies that depend on efficiency and rapid product launches, Visual Technologies’ cEPS Administrative Systems solve the challenges of conventional software development. By isolating functions into discrete components, integrating systems at the appropriate level, breaking down informational barriers, and allowing for a dynamic infrastructure, cEPS and Visual Technologies enhance the business of any financial services company.