Dynamics NAV to Business Central: 2-Hr Assessment

Integrated Computer Systems Support

Microsoft Dynamics NAV users who want to learn about the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offering and the transition process from Dynamics NAV, this assessment is perfect for you.

During this 90-minute discussion, we will help assess the fit of Dynamics 365 Business Central into your organization.


  • Understand the reasons why your organization is considering a new system
  • Technology objectives and strategic alignment
  • High-level analysis of the transition of current Dynamics NAV functionality to Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Discuss attributes of Business Central Essentials versus Business Central Premium
  • Explore suitability of full user licenses and/or team member licenses and quantity needed
  • Determine if any potential add-on products may be needed, and if so, when
  • Discuss data migration options and requirements
  • Assess general timeframes and specific priorities


  • Provide preliminary estimate of subscription licensing and services required to deploy Dynamics 365 Business Central in your organization.

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