Supply Chain Cloud - Deliver

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Drive profitable final mile delivery with dynamic route optimization and the mobile driver app

Supply Chain Cloud – Deliver communicates logistics execution in real-time with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain. From equipment and drivers to dispatch, fleet managers have insight into vehicle and driver performance.  

Key Features & Benefits:

Save fuel and improve fleet productivity with automatic dynamic routing and route optimization
  • Reduce freight expenses with dynamic route optimization with the Scientific Logistics integration 
  • Vehicle inspection reporting replaces paper logbooks to reduce errors, enables real-time reporting, and simplifies roadside inspections 
  • Improved asset management, including drivers, loaders, trucks, power units, trailers, and vans 
Increase driver efficiency on delivery routes with the driver mobile app for Android or IOS 
  • Configurable workflows permit voice guidance to maximize driver productivity 
  • Proof of delivery features like take photo and capture signature save automatically to the delivery trip data, which simplifies operations, improves data accuracy, and reduces errors associated with paper-based or disconnected systems

About Supply Chain Cloud

The Supply Chain Cloud transforms your business by connecting physical assets with digital intelligence. 

Every stage. Every product. Every interaction.
  • Build Trust with Trading Partners
    • Seamlessly and securely collaborate with suppliers, customers, carriers, and trading partners
  • Drive profitable fleet operations
    • Manage asset movement and freight handling across the supply chain including route optimization and final mile delivery
  • Optimize fulfillment strategies
    • Create profitable and efficient fulfillment plans to meet the expectations you’ve set for your customers, distributors, and partners
  • Get real-time connectivity
    • Communicate in real-time with material handling equipment and voice enablement systems and across your logistics network
  • Generate accurate, timely invoices
    • Streamline third party billing, improve invoice-to-cash cycles, and ensure you’re not leaving money on the table
  • Minimize freight costs
    • Find the most effective shipping option and connect directly with the carrier

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