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Efficient inventory management with real-time insights powered by Dataverse.

Introducing Inventory Management, your go-to solution for efficient inventory management powered by Dataverse. This cutting-edge app is designed to streamline and optimize your inventory processes, providing you with real-time insights and control over your stock.

Key Features

Simple Inventory Control

  • Track stock levels, locations and product details with ease.
  • Manage all your inventory from a centralized platform.

Real-time Updates and Automation

  • Inventory level are updated in real time as purchase orders and customer deliveries are processed.
  • Our intelligent automation will automatically generate purchase orders for low-stock items, ensuring you never run out of essential products.

User Driven Design

  • Intuitive design enables easily and quickly finding the information you need.
  • Start using the system quickly since minimal training is required for users at all levels.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain actionable insights with comprehensive reports.Analyse trends, forecast demand, and make informed decisions.


Increased Efficiency

  • Streamline operations and reduce manual errors with automations.
  • Save time on inventory tracking and management tasks by having your system do it for you.

Cost Savings and Inventory Optimisation

  • Optimize stock levels to prevent overstocks or insufficient stock.
  • Understand the inventory value and automate processes to better manage it.

Enhanced Productivity

  • Empower your team with user-friendly tool that help them get the job done.
  • Focus on strategic tasks instead of tedious manual tracking.

How It Works

1. Install and register the addon on your Dataverse or Dynamics 365 environment.

2. Enter the products and warehouses you need to track.

3. Create Purchase Orders to add products to warehouses.

4. Create Customer Deliveries to reduce inventory levels from warehouses.

5. View dashboard to understand your inventory.

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