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Allow multiple users to share their screens at once with MultiShare

Frustrated with slow, unproductive meetings?

Get the full picture with multiple simultaneous screen sharing.

Improve the Microsoft Teams in-call experience with MultiShare from Frameable, a collaboration tool built for teamwork. MultiShare enables multiple users to screen share simultaneously during a Microsoft Teams call and allows in-call users to toggle between any of the shared screens as they please. All users can follow along without slowing down a meeting or passing along screen-sharing permissions one by one. MultiShare is the only productivity tool available that allows for multiple screen shares in Teams.

Looking to share both of your screens? MultiShare can do that too! Multiple monitor sharing is also a feature of Multishare, enabling users to share one or all of the screens they are using.

Customers using MultiShare report:

  • Easier time collaborating with remote and hybrid coworkers
  • Better ability to foster cross-functional teamwork

Why add MultiShare?

  • Eliminate presentation logistics - no more passing around the screen share permissions
  • Total flexibility - up to 15 users can simultaneously share their screens as needed
  • No more interrupting others to share your screen
  • Save valuable time during meetings
  • Share one or more of your own screens

Learn more about MultiShare by visiting our website.

See why MultiShare is a top tool for remote work and download our MultiShare one sheet.

Download our user guide for tips on better digital collaboration with MultiShare.

MultiShare from Frameable requires a monthly subscription. Mobile devices may view multiple screen shares, but can not present their screens at this time

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