CS Smart Workspace - your hybrid work assistant

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Digital assistance to enable meaningful personal connections in a hybrid world

Hybrid Work is one of the biggest opportunities and – at the same time – challenges of this era. Personal face-to-face meetings are becoming increasingly important and also more difficult to realize.
Key questions here are:

  • Who will be in the office?
  • What is the general occupation?
  • Do I get a desk?

Or to sum it up here’s the everyday question: Should I stay (home) or should I go (to the office)?

CS Smart Workspace is your digital assistant that brings transparency and reliability into the planning. Employees can plan in advance when they want to visit the office – and the clue here: they see who else will be there. In combination with their calendar for that day they have a strong decision base if they should stay or go.

Once they are on-site, they have collaborative features where they can state if they are available for coffee, lunch, or even afterwork. Enhanced with a floorplan they can easily navigate the office and find rooms available for ad-hoc meetings. Optional IoT sensors can even highlight the live status, with a bot communicating with employees.

CS Smart Workspace is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, making it available on the desktop, in the Web and on the mobile.

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