Betterfy: The better product recommender

DataSentics s.r.o.

Recommendation of similar but better products with a clear explanation using machine learning

The Problem

1. Customers are looking for a product and they enter your e-shop. They have a look at the product and then they leave again. Opportunities disappear as soon as they arrive, and bounce rate increases.

What if your online store had a feature which attracts the customers and makes them stay on your website?

 2. Customers are not able to decide which product is the best for them because of wide offer and complexity of products.

What if your online store had a feature which would help your customers understand the alternatives and decide for a purchase?

The Solution

Recommendation of similar but potentially better products with a clear and transparent explanation using machine learning engine.
Suitable for products/things that can be described well by parameters.

Price performance ratio

We recommend products which are better with respect to their price (have a higher price performance ratio).

Advantages / disadvantages

Customers get a clear comparison of the products’ specifications with important advantages highlighted.

Recommendation configuration

The recommender works well with additional business constraints (what should and should not be recommended with respect to a viewed product).

Benefits for you

  • Increase your customer care experience
  • Make your recommendations transparent and credible
  • Advanced business configuration enabled
  • Stand out from your competition (very unique solution)
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