EMnify Cloud-Native Cellular IoT Connectivity

על-ידי EMnify

Build your IoT solution with global cellular connectivity integrated into Azure

EMnify is a leading cloud-native IoT connectivity provider that empowers businesses worldwide. Its mobile core network infrastructure built in the cloud and API provide unique integrations for developers that use Azure. EMnify delivers international coverage, easy deployment and scalability, efficient monitoring and reliable security for IoT devices.
Based on its global instrastructure and coverage in 180+ countries and 540+ networks, EMnify allows devices to connect anywhere in the world with reduced latency. 
By using Azure Virtual Network Gateway, enterprises can connect their devices in the same private network, ensuring their data does not pass through public internet. 

Companies can also monitor in real-time connectivitiy meta data such as data usage and costs, network attach failures and data limit events. EMnify sends the information directly to Azure Event-Hubs and Blob storage, meaning payload and connectivity can be processed in the same data chain.

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