ThoughtWireOS for Smart Buildings

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ThoughtWireOS an Operating System for Smart Buildings powered by a fast and flexible Digital Twin

Creating Smart Buildings for the future of work. Smart Buildings will delight your employees or tenants with more responsive and truly dynamic workspaces.

ThoughtWireOS is an operating system for HighIQ Buildings, Districts, Cities, Smart Hospitals, Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Health Networks. ThoughtWireOS is built on our proprietary and patented Digital Twin and Reasoning Engine that powers our exclusive Sense-Think-Act cycle which continuously updates the Digital Twin with physical and contextual data from both the building and it’s occupants. ThoughtWire’s Reasoning Engine uses Machine Learning and AI to intelligently orchestrate actions that will significantly improve KPI’s.

HighIQ Smart Buildings will delight your employees and tenants with more responsive and truly dynamic workspaces. Purpose-built for the real-time complexities of the built environment our three applications @WorkApp, LocationSense and PrecisionHub are designed to benefit both the owner/operator and tenant, our apps are easy to use and trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry.


  • @Work: Enable a modern workplace experience to meet the needs of a new generation of workers with our Smart Building App.
  • LocationSense: Location matters. With LocationSense, the newest building block of our HighIQ Smart Building suite, we deliver a range of safety, productivity and sustainability benefits driving from situational and location awareness of people and things in your built environment.
  • PrecisionHub: Building optimization means having relevant data at your fingertips, systems that tune themselves and control over everything.

Our proven HighIQ Smart platform maximizes operational efficiency and minimizes carbon footprint. It reduces the cost to operate while improving productivity and loyalty of tenants, employees and renters.

ThoughtWireOS is to Proptech what iOS and Android are to smart phones. We are making the built world HighIQ Smart – a world where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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