Contract Management for Dynamics 365 proCONTRACTS


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Create, manage and analyse all of your contracts directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Upgrade your business with Contract Management for Dynamics 365

Imagine all your contracts organized, under control and accessible in your CRM system – proCONTRACTS for Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports your business with a 360-degree view of contract management; ranging from generating template-based contracts to configuring personalized reminders or KPIs for your reports, all customizable to your individual business needs.

A clear economic asset is now only a click away

Evaluate contract feasibility and efficiency with the whole lifecycle information in view. With proCONTRACTS at your side, missing important contract deadlines and termination periods will be a thing of the past.

Easily configure reminders for specific dates or expiring contracts; saving you time searching through papers/files; simply displaying all important information clearly in one place

Why use multiple programs? – proCONTRACTS is incorporated in Dynamics 365

proCONTRACTS is fully integrated with your Dynamics 365 system; allowing contracts to be directly created and modified, then linked to all relevant records. With all information connected together, you have a comprehensive view of your business status, relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.

Key Features

  • All contract information for customers, suppliers and partners directly in your Dynamics 365
  • proCONTRACTS specializes in a wide range of contract management services; ranging from faster setup and contract generations to increasing the efficiency of daily management and reporting tasks
  • Important dates and deadlines are always in sight and under control
  • Track complex contract relationships over the full lifecycle
  • Standardise and ensure contracts are legally secure with template-based generation, flexible individual contract texts and validity periods

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