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SmartBar: Effective Navigation and Record Count


4.0 (1)

Simplify the navigation in Dynamics 365 and facilitate the completion of common tasks!

It's all about productivity. Our solution enables you to place both, navigational and functional buttons on Dynamics 365 forms to simplify common tasks for Dynamics 365 users.

How does it work? To access related records, SmartBar offers “buttons” that allow a simple switch between entities. The SmartBar persists when switching to related entities, thus enabling a simple back and forth navigation between related records. A number next to the “button” shows the amount of related records per entity. This number can also be displayed in the Dynamics 365 main navigation area. Related records can be opened a) in the current or b) in an extra window. The SmartBar can also be embedded into the entity form at a preferred place.

Additional settings allow displaying the SmartBar in the so-called “Standard” or “Metro” Style and in a vertical or horizontal order. SmartBar buttons can be assigned with different colors, which makes it easy to distinguish the records from each other.

Have a look at the capabilities of SmartBar at a glance:

  • Simple back & forth navigation within Dynamics 365 entities and records
  • Display count of related records
  • Drag & drop functionality to change the buttons’ order easily
  • Support for Custom buttons (javascript, workflows,...)
  • Color-coding: Change button color based on defined count ranges
  • Configurable Views: Display critical information like “Open Cases”
  • Show/Hide buttons based on count or field values
  • Easy to embedd into Dynamics 365 forms and Dashboards