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इस एड-इन की पूर्ण क्षमताओं के लिए, Breakthru वेब ऐप प्राप्त करें:

Immersive microbreaks for the workday and school day, powered by our bodies in motion.

Breakthrus are two-minute immersive microbreaks, powered by our bodies in motion. Play, Give, Share in meetings or a class. Make energy together to boost mood, productivity, and wellbeing. Tunable to what you and your teammates need in the moment.

Move to reset your mind and body. Short moments in motion ‘turn on’ our metabolism, increase productivity, boost creativity.

How to: A guide will appear at the beginning of each breakthru. Simply stand, make some room, and follow the movements. There is no right or wrong way to play, give it a try and do what you can. You’ll learn over time. Your movement will make the sound.


Play in your day as needed. Launch Breakthru through the personal tab, pick a mood, and let go. Make joy, energy, centeredness, confidence.

Set Reminders

Breakthru will welcome you in chat when you first install it, and invite you to set general or custom break taking reminders. These reminders will help you build a restorative break taking habit. Reminders can be managed from the Reminder Tab.

In a chat

Call on Breakthru in a chat or Teams channel and gift a breakthru to your teammates or students. Choose the mood to gift them, or share them all. Bring energy to your team's day.

In a meeting or class

Share breakthru in a meeting or a class for a way to take a break, together. Add Breakthru when scheduling the gathering, or call on it in the meeting chat. Good as an icebreaker. As the opening of a break period. At the close of a meeting or class. As a way to create collective energy, by bringing people together through movement and play.

You'll Feel Better If You Move: Bring your body to work and to school.

When we move, we stop holding our breath, we clear our heads, and we learn more deeply. Movement driven microbreaks have been proven to be effective, accessible, and impactful. Your body is the best piece of technology you own. It makes energy. Bring it to your day!

Breakthru to a collective breaktaking habit. Maximum wellbeing happens in groups. The most refreshed teams are the most present. Let’s take a break, together.

User Quotes:

“I really resonated with that concept of meditation, but physically like for your body and your mind at the same time.”

“It felt so good to just stretch my arms around, and in the morning too, I feel a lot more awake. So that was great.”

“It just gets you active, reminds you, but it makes it fun. And the best part, it's only two minutes. Two minutes is ideal.”

“Bringing Breakthru as part of a packed agenda, it’s really magical. It helps to bridge that human gap that we lost because we don’t meet with each other in person.”

“Breakthru solves a real workplace problem by helping workers stay refreshed, focused and productive."

This app, with your permission, will have access to your camera to capture movement, but not to photograph or record you, during the duration of the immersive experience.

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