Acterys Matrix Write-back & Planning for Power BI


Acterys Matrix enables comprehensive write back & planning from Power BI

Acterys Matrix is a Power BI custom visual that enables write-back and planning on any level of the data model with flexible allocation options. It is part of Acterys an integrated solution for data warehouse automation, business modelling as well as planning & forecasting with connectivity to accounting and SaaS platforms like Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, Xero, QuickBooks, HubSpot etc.


Acterys enables business users to build and manage analytical applications supported by a variety of templates like budgeting/forecasting, legal consolidation, CAPEX, cash flow, risk/ compliance and HR among others and enter data for all these purposes directly from Power BI.



  • Top down / bottom up entry on any level of the matrix with automated distribution to detail level
  • Wide variety of entry options: fill right to end of period, same amount to every child, custom distributions
  • Conditional formatting
  • Comment markers
  • Drill down in columns
  • Persistent state of visual: drill down in hierarchy not lost after refresh/li>

  • Custom aggregations and in-visual calculations/li>

  • Custom Tool Tips & Drill Through/li>



  • The quickest way to setup your budget, planning and forecasting forms
  • Automated integration with ERP & SaaS systems
  • Governance and audit trail




The read features of Acterys Matrix will work without an Acterys subscription. All write-back feature require a 

free trial at:

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