COSMO Environmental Services


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The recommended platform for Waste management, Recycling and Reverse logistics organizations

COSMO Environmental Services is an integrated solution for waste management, recycling, reverse logistics, and environmental service organizations. Built on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply chain management, our solution enables all core processes found in the industry: from managing agreements, over tracking containers, to monitoring transport and execution. COSMO Environmental Services combines the power of Microsofts enterprise ERP platform with our industry experience of more than 15 years with projects around the globe.

Manage agreements with ease

  • Business relation management
  • Amended product master with waste-related material classifications (European waste classification, UN regulation, ADR, GHS)
  • Contract lifecycle management with built-in approval workflow
  • Manage customer service schedules

Track containers and mobile assets

  • Manage containers and mobile assets
  • Keep track of containers at internal and external (customer/vendor) locations
  • Container and asset rental
  • View container status and fill levels

Plan work and transport

  • Manage work orders for services and materials
  • Manage long-term transport and collection routes
  • Day to day vehicle route planning

Built-in weighbridge

  • Ship and receive goods - from single packages to entire trucks
  • Inspect and reclassify goods on arrival
  • Handle rejections and non-conformance