Docentric Free Edition

kiadó: Docentric

Improve the way you email, print and distribute D365FO reports such as invoices and orders for free

We are excited to contribute to the community by delivering awesome print destination features that work with all your D365FO reports, completely for free 🩵. Plus, you are also entitled to free support, hotfixes, and updates. And that’s not all! Over the years, we have added other free improvements 👉 for Print management, License plate labels, Alerts, Email templates and more. How cool is that! 🤩

With Docentric AX Free Edition you can:

  • Edit Email body with a superior HTML editor and placeholders. Use pre-prepared email templates.
  • Set up dynamic Email subject and attachment filename. Add additional attachments via code.
  • Configure From and Bcc. Use multiple outgoing mail servers/sender accounts. Preview emails before sending.
  • Email reports using improved Email distributor batch. Print reports instead of emailing them if email tokens resulted in no email addresses.
  • Save reports in batch to Azure, SharePoint, or Attachments. Use placeholders in the output filename, target blob container, etc.
  • Print reports to user default printer. To successfully manage your network printers, configure allowed and favorite printers.
  • Save reports to Print archive with metadata and configurable file location. Use instant document preview and download merged reports.
  • Use Alerts++ as well as improved Email templates for Alert, Workflow and Retail email notifications.
  • Simplify and test Document routing setup and reprint License plate labels.
  • Improve handling of Print management setup including import/export options. Use Print management preview for common journals.
  • Suggest the next great feature!

While Free Edition focuses on improving report delivery options, the full product version provides much more:

  • Speeds up your report customization by up to 10 times.
  • Helps you design reports in MS Word far more easily, making them look professional and appealing.
  • Provides you with ready-made 60+ business documents to get you started.
  • Delivers many document generation & distribution features, carefully designed to cover your requirements.

Download, install and instantly use the new awesome print destinations with your invoices, orders or any other reports.

We are always happy to get your feedback so that we can constantly learn, improve and deliver a better solution to you. Get in touch today.