BE-terna EDI-Framework

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BE-terna EDI-Solution is a technical framework to import and write all kind of EDI-formats and -data

BE-terna’s EDI solution is a technical framework that basically enables reading and writing of all EDI formats and files. It is available as a standalone BE-Plus module for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (Enterprise Edition).

Implemented basic processes in the Standard module:


  • Import ORDER (order)
  • Import ORDCHG (order change)
  • Export ORDRSP (order confirmation)
  • Export INSDES (picking lists)
  • Export DESADV (delivery note)
  • Export INVOICE (invoice)
  • Purchasing

  • Export ORDER (order)
  • Import ORDRSP (order confirmation)
  • Import DESADV (delivery note)
  • Warehouse

  • Export INVRPT (stock)
  • Import INVRPT (stock)
  • Other formats can be implemented with extreme ease by importing the required objects (categries, tables, forms). EDIFACT, XML and CSV file formats are supported. The framework only provides the basis for carrying out b2b EDI. Project-specific settings and adjustments – such as setting up reports or the message layout in particular – are always necessary.