BE-terna Drag & Drop Attachment Upload for D365 Finance & Operations

kiadó: BE-terna

Upload Attachments via Drag&Drop into your Finance and Operations faster then ever before!

The new Drag & Drop feature simplifies and accelerates daily document handling in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain with just one click. The fully embedded Power App integrates the familiar Drag & Drop function into the familiar system environment. From now on, you can file and assign (e-mail) attachments or other files to data records even more easily.

In our short video, we explain where you can find the new drag & drop feature and what possibilities it opens up for you.

Facts, Features and Operation

The Drag & Drop feature is not a classic Finance and Supply Chain extension, but an additional development based on the Microsoft Power Platform. It was designed to simplify the addition of Finance and Supply Chain Management files. Thanks to the complete system embedding of the Power App, users save time and can concentrate more on the essential things.

The features at a glance:

• Drag and drop and upload multiple files at once
• Quick Upload
• Drag & drop files directly from e-mails
• File preview for PDFs and images
• Selection of document type
• Storage of a default document type
• Customization of the description
• Adding notes
• Upload at item level directly from the list view

To drop any file, drag it from an email or other file directory into the drop area and place it there. Several files can be placed in the drop area at the same time. Then the desired document type is selected and the upload button is clicked. The upload of the selected files starts in the background and you can be sure that everything is in the right place. If you want to adjust the file description or add notes, the drag & drop feature gives you the possibility to do so.

Quick upload without any clicks

The Drag & Drop feature provides the functionality to attach files directly to records via drag & drop without additional clicks after a document type has been defined once. This means that users can drag files directly to the header or any position and the upload process is started immediately.

Uploading to positions has never been so easy

The drag & drop feature also makes it possible to attach files to positions directly from the list view (e.g. "All orders") without first having to switch to the details of the entry (e.g. "Order").