Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tax Calculation Service

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Vertex effortlessly automates sales and use tax compliance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 via tax API.

A new era of tax compliance for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Seamlessly integrate Vertex’s tax engine with Microsoft Dynamics 365 via a new Microsoft-built tax API

Vertex offers powerful, automated sales and use tax determination for Microsoft Dynamics 365 through a new cloud-based tax application programming interface (API) developed by Microsoft. This cutting-edge solution, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, facilitates effortless integration of the Vertex tax engine within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for improved flexibility and scalability as your business grows. This 100% cloud-based, purpose-built universal tax API for Microsoft Dynamics 365, empowers businesses to streamline tax processes, enhance accuracy, and optimize efficiency across tax, finance, and IT teams.

With Vertex’s integration into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 tax calculation service, businesses can simplify sales and use tax determination using Microsoft's published and supported APIs tailored specifically for tax determination. By automating address cleansing and precise tax jurisdiction assignment, manual tasks such as populating and managing tax area codes within Microsoft Dynamics 365 are minimized, leading to improved accuracy, efficiency, and reduced risk.

Key features of Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tax Calculation Service:

  • Automated sales tax compliance
    Automate and standardize tax rates and rules, helping to ensure precise product taxability and accurate sales tax calculation for every transaction.
  • Consumer use tax management
    Simplify complex consumer use tax scenarios with Vertex, covering accruals, asset management, inventory, and purchase orders.
  • Integrated address cleansing
    Help ensure accurate tax jurisdiction assignment for every transaction with integrated address cleansing, enhancing accuracy and reducing tax errors.
  • Integrate effortlessly via a universal tax API
    Effortlessly integrate the Vertex tax engine with Microsoft Dynamics 365 via a 100% cloud-based, purpose-built API developed in partnership with Microsoft and built on Vertex’s 40+ years of tax experience.|

Why Choose Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tax Calculation Service?

At Vertex, we understand the complexities of tax compliance within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem. Our tailored solutions empower businesses like yours to navigate tax challenges effortlessly, helping to improve tax accuracy while optimizing processes.

With Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tax Calculation Service, you can:

  • Accelerate business growth
    Confidently expand into new regions and mitigate risk with scalable tax determination solutions that help you stay updated with ever-changing tax laws and regulations.

  • Improve tax accuracy and reporting
    Ensure compliance with local regulations by automatically determining accurate tax calculations for every transaction, regardless of location, parties involved, or products sold.
  • Integrate effortlessly to maximize efficiency
    Boost efficiency across your tax, finance, and IT teams by reducing manual efforts and seamlessly integrating a Vertex tax engine via a universal tax API with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Maintain continuous compliance
    Effortlessly reduce risk and maintain ongoing compliance with automated tax solutions built to handle large-scale transactions, helping to adhere to regulatory tax requirements.

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Supported Editions
Vertex's API-based integration for Microsoft's tax calculation service seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management version 10.0.39 or later. It offers comprehensive support for essential modules, including Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), General Ledger (GL), and Project Management.

Supported Countries
United States and Canada

As Microsoft advances its tax calculation service, the Vertex integration will grow to include more regions, tax scenarios, and business processes all seamlessly through a single point of integration. For companies requiring immediate global tax compliance solutions, Vertex offers comprehensive support through our standard integration with Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain.