Booking Mammogram Appointments

kiadó: Alianz Development

Application suite for managing calendars of screening facilities and booking mammogram appointments

The application suite includes the following applications.

1. Application for managing the availability of screening devices and personnel (i.e. facility's calendar) down to 5 minutes interval

2. Application for booking mammography appointments by call center customer service or by clerks of a screening facility

3. Outbound HL7 SIU-type messaging engine for notifying radiology centers upon new, rescheduled, and canceled mammogram appointments (Add-on)

4. Public self-service web portal that allows clients to book mammography appointments online. (Add-on)

Key features of the application for managing the calendar of a screening facility

• Configuring a percentage of all timeslots that must be allocated for priority Clients and the period when such an allocation is applicable for each screening facility
• Managing service locations of a mobile screening facility and time period when a mobile facility is available at each service location
• Managing daily and weekly templates for the facility’s calendar.
• Managing the facility’s calendar by applying the templates for a specific period factoring in a facility’s service location schedule.
• Ad-hoc changes to a facility’s calendar – adding and removing timeslots, increasing and decreasing the number of appointments available for specific timeslots

•Managing appointments that require cancellation due to changes in a facility’s calendar

Key features of the application for booking individual and group mammogram appointments by call center clerks

• Advanced search for Client records
• Validating the Client’s eligibility for a mammogram appointment
• Interactive, calendar-style search for available continuous timeslots at the preferable service location. Search factors in the Client’s priority and special needs attributes.
• Creating, rescheduling, and canceling individual and group appointments

Key features of the self-service public booking portal
• Interactive search for preferable Service Location using Google maps
• Interactive search for a preferable date and time for an appointment using a calendar-style interface
• Opting for appointment reminders via text message
• Rescheduling and canceling a previously confirmed appointment
• Registering for the waitlist at the preferred service location