CHRISS (Compliance, Hazards, Risk, Inclusivity & Security)

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CHRISS is the ultimate risk tool giving a layer of transparency never before seen. (

is part of the suite of business applications by Build-Apps he can manage & oversee all operational hazard and risk possibilities across all properties in one central place. From onsite sign-in procedures to roof access permits, Modern Slavery compliance to insurance details cross checks CHRISS is flexible to allow any risk related Q&A forms to be systematically databased.

CHRISS is a risk & hazard compliance system constructed to assist in the development and implementation of a proactive approach to health and safety. Designed to create an ongoing exchange of information with building occupants, CHRISS ensures equal representation of all health and safety matters.

Want to know who and when every visitor enters every property you own whilst also checking they have the required insurances? Just ask CHRISS

Want to issue O&Hs paperless surveys to visitors and contractors whilst also triggering approvals for the responses when required? Just ask CHRISS

Want to track all incidents and near misses across your entire portfolio ensuring adequate future preventative steps are documented? Just ask CHRISS