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Overcoming Barriers of Success

What is D365 Tools?

D365 Tools is an extensive library of pre-built plug-ins,controls, scripts, and dashboards that streamline and automate common CRM scenarios. The ability to shortcut costly add-ons and complex integrations, automate platform and software releases, and simplify rule and code changes allows your Hitachi Solutions team to quickly deliver a higher-quality, lower-cost, flexible business solution tailored for your business needs and growth.
Forged from our deep industry expertise, decades of experience, and more than a thousand successful Dynamics implementations, these subscription-based tools are proven to:
  • Accelerate development
  • Reduce delivery & administrative costs
  • Mitigate project risks
  • Improve user experience & drive adoption
  • Enhance scalability
  • Speed time to value

Subscribe for Continuous Benefits

From initial implementation and adoption to management and expansion, Hitachi Solutions D365 Tools provide value on an on-going basis. When you subscribe, you get proactive support and assurance that your tools will always be up-to-date. D365 Tools subscribers are guaranteed:
  • New functionality upgrades for your Hitachi Solutions industry cloud products — allows you to effortlessly keep pace with technology while maximizing the value of your CRM investment
  • Automatic Microsoft D365 platform release compliance — assures your system stays in sync with the latest Microsoft releases, cutting back the headache of re-creating your system customizations after a new release
  • 5 hours of premium support — ensures Hitachi Solutions products remain operational with each platform upgrade, decreasing on-going administrative costs and reducing downtime
  • Access to cutting-edge adoption and success tools — helps you manage, enhance, and secure the system yourself without the need for costly development time or resources

What’s in the D365 Toolbox?

D365 Success Tools

These advanced tools help cost-effectively manage and scale systems as business needs change:

Rules Engine

Offers a no-code solution to help businesses quickly and cost-effectively manage the thousands of complex business rules that make up their CRM system

Adoption Tools

Features designed to improve the user experience, increase user adoption, and ensure everyone benefits from the system.

*Check the overview datasheet for more details.*