Kanban Board for Dynamics 365 CRM

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Kanban view of records with the ability to quickly update or add activities against the records.

Kanban Board is a productivity app to visualize your Microsoft Dynamics 365CRM data in a Kanban View. Records are categorized and systematically arranged in compact movable cards in multiple lanes and rows for quick review and easy analysis. Further, it helps to update the underlying field values of records through easy drag & drop capability and perform quick actions to record activities like Email, Task or Phone Call in just one click. It is a control that can be configured for any View in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse.

Kanban Board is available for Dynamics CRM v9.1 onwards, Dataverse (PowerApps). It supports Dynamics 365 Online.

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  • Visualize Views: Visualize any Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM View as lanes & rows in a Kanban View with the ability to configure the fields for defining the categories
  • Business Process Flow: Organize records as per various Business Process Flows with the ability to pin the BPF for Global or Personal use.
  • Aggregate Field Values: Support to view aggregate field values of records on lane and row headers.
  • Drag & Drop: Ability to drag and drop the cards across lanes & rows to quickly update the values of the underlying category field
  • Quick Actions: Cards can be configured to support up to 3 quick activity actions, using which activity records like Email, Phone Call, Task, etc. can be created
  • Context aware: It works in the context of the native Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM environment & responds to all native ribbon actions as well as the quick search available for traditional views.
  • Search: Support for search through native quick search available for views in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.
  • Sort & Filter Lane: Records in the lanes can be sorted. It also supports filtering of the data in the view by ‘CreatedOn’ date.
  • Global Sorting: Sort records at global level in ascending and descending order based on the field selected.
  • Configuration: Control can be configured for Web, Mobile and Tablet for unified experience.
How Kanban Board can make the most out of your CRM investment?

  • Easy analysis of data by presenting records in Kanban View
  • Unified experience across Web, Mobile and Tablet
  • Better productivity and efficiency with visualization of CRM views.

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