Asset Insider - Industry 4.1 Solution


Low-Code Asset Management solution reinventing the value chain through Digital Twins

Asset Insider is low-code asset management software for optimizing assets throughout their full lifecycle by leveraging latest digital technologies

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, this low-code app will help you achieve greater efficiency and growth by combining AI, IoT, and RPA to create a full-fledged Digital Twin of every asset, system, and process you have. Take control over their entire lifecycle - from the initial demand to the disposal. Address the 3 main challenges cost, performance, and risk management:
    • Increase stakeholders’ engagement for successful asset strategy alignment. Add value to operations by reducing constraints on business, future planning, minimizing risks
    • Enable remote work and support your employees’ efficiency with the mobile app. Stay connected, organize, manage, and distribute work more productively
    • Increase assets’ uptime with 360° Asset Management. Track assets to know their location and improve reliability. Monitor asset performance gaining full control over the organization process state
    • Eliminate interrupted processes with timely planning & forecasting. Analyze asset information from workflow and systems, enable greater operational practice
    • Achieve maximum HS&E compliance with a single online data-source accessible from anywhere with any device. Manage your compliance, internal control, warranties, audits and mitigate risk
    • Extend asset lifecycle with full scale digital twins management, reduced asset downtime, advanced performance, and lower maintenance costs
    • Optimize maintenance costs and time with predictive maintenance and category-specific parameters. Record long-term maintenance costs by asset type and get predictability
    • Reduce supply & operational costs (5-10%) with cost control. Address revenue leakages & increase margins
    • Make data-based decisions using custom reports and analytics to understand how assets are utilized. Access +330 connectors and synchronize asset data across many systems-of-records
    • Create new business opportunities with Low-Code process automation, workflow management & rapid application development

Asset Insider combines the qualities of CMMS, EAM, & Low-Code to bring you deep insights into every aspect of the asset lifecycle

We go even further by combining the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytical tools, and RPA. They’ll help your operations and maintenance teams deliver PdM with centralized real-time data management. The Digital Twin will be your single source for all asset information. Real-life data provides dynamic updates on condition and operational parameter states. This gives you a platform that changes the traditional way of managing assets empowering the value chain.