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Decisions Meeting Documents Manager


3.8 (13)

Easily write and distribute meeting minutes

Decisions extends Office 365 with a powerful meeting management solution that is ideal for groups that meet regularly, like leadership and project teams.

With the Decisions Meeting Documents Manager, taking meeting minutes, assigning tasks and tracking decisions has never been easier.

• It’s only one click to generate meeting minutes based on the agenda.

• Use the smart notetaking feature to automatically sync tasks and decisions to Microsoft Planner or Excel.

• Easily share the meeting minutes for review before distributing them to attendees.

• Convert the final minutes to a PDF and send them directly from Word. (Note for Mac users: Save the files manually after generating the meeting minutes.)

The Decisions Documents Manager add-in works together with Decision Meeting Secretary for Outlook and Decisions for Teams, also available in AppSource. Decisions also integrates with OneNote, Planner, Excel and SharePoint, without a separate add-in.

To set up Decisions, you only need your Office 365 account.


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