Script Lab, a Microsoft Garage project

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Create, run, and share your Office Add-in code snippets from within Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

Experiment with the Office JavaScript API without ever leaving Excel, Word, or PowerPoint! You can use Script Lab to:

• Create and edit code snippets that can include JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and references to libraries and data on the web

• Run the snippets and instantly see the result in a task pane and in the Office document

• Get started quickly with a selection of samples

• Share and save your snippets with GitHub gists

• Learn the JavaScript API with the help of IntelliSense while you edit

• Try TypeScript: make use of arrow functions, template strings, or even the latest TypeScript 2.0+ features like async/await

• Prototype an add-in you're planning to develop

There's no need to install any other software or configure your environment: as long as you have Office, you can get started in seconds.

Script Lab, a Microsoft Garage project, works in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint (Office 2013 and later, Office Online, and Office for Mac).

The source code for Script Lab is open to the community at We welcome your contributions!

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