Confluence Connector

Move Work Forward Pte Ltd

The ultimate integration of Atlassian Confluence with Microsoft Teams

Integrate Atlassian Confluence with Microsoft Teams to

- not miss important content updates by configuring global, space, content or personal notifications

- enrich information in Microsoft Teams about Confluence content

- interact with a piece of Confluence content or a comment directly from Microsoft Teams

- search a piece of content in Confluence from Microsoft Teams and insert it in your conversations

- provide additional context with inserted actionable cards

- unfurl Confluence Cloud links to provide additional context to your conversations.

This is a companion app to Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector available at Atlassian Marketplace

*A bit more details about the notifications and alerts.*

Confluence administrator can setup global rules with multiple filters that are: space filters, user filters, page and label filters.

Space administrators can create rules only for the space where they are admins.

Content notifications can be setup against a blog post or a page.

Personal notifications can help you stay on top of the content you have created.

*User needs to have an active Atlassian account in order to use this app properly. As a backup, the Incoming Webhooks could be used.*

All configuration should be done in Confluence. Please follow [the documentation]( for more details.

*The use cases you can address with this App are the following.*

Your team or somebody you want to follow has a blog and you would like to get notified about new blog posts. You can subscribe to the new blog posts using this Microsoft Teams Confluence Connector.

You have a page where your financial team attaches a monthly report, you can subscribe to receive a notification where there is a new attachment to a page or a blog post.

You want to get notified when somebody comments your content, as well as reply to the comments without leaving Teams client on the web or mobile.

If you need any help with setup or a demo please contact us at

If anything is missing please contact us and we will release this promptly.

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