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Quickly access the data you need where you need it the most: within your email software

The data you need at your fingertips


TikiPicker is a simple solution to a simple problem: retrieve and incorporate information in the body of your

email without ever leaving the email client.

Managers in every company know how much back and forth it is needed when providing useful data to their colleagues

and customers. Looking data up and writing the same numbers and sentences over and over again is a thing of the past

with TikiPicker, you can incorporate the info you need with just a couple of clicks!

How it works

TikiPicker stores the data you need more frequently, like price lists, catalogues and technical data sheet, and

allows you to retrieve the information as easily as looking it up on a search engine. You can then include the

information as text in the email with just one click.

With TikiPicker, you can:

  • Log in with your credentials for a customized experience
  • Search your items and click on + to add the data in your email body

    You can also add additional info by by browsing the details of the selected items

  • You can also easily switch from one catalogue to any other ones you have access to

How to get it

TikiPicker requires a small annual subscription fee to work, giving access to the info you need to all the

organization, tailoring who has access to which information on a user to user basis. Please, contact us for any additional

information you may need!

Contact us at

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