Breakthru Immersive, INC

Immersive microbreaks for the workday, powered by our bodies in motion.

Breakthrus are two-minute immersive microbreaks, powered by our bodies in motion. They invite us to harness small restorative movements each day to boost our mood, productivity, and wellbeing. Tunable to what you and your teammates need in the moment. A wellbeing tool for individuals and groups.

They guide us through curated movement sequences. They remind us that our body is the best piece of technology we own, and we should bring it to our workday. They help people context shift, focus, and create, and combat sedentary behavior. It’s proven that small moments of movement throughout the day have measurable wellbeing impact.

Give breakthru to friends as gifts, share it as an icebreaker in meetings, or challenge yourself to feel energized, confident, centered, and joyful.

Bite-sized breaks designed for fast-to-feel impact boost our mood, productivity, and wellbeing. A playful way to modulate your sense of time, and build new restorative habits.


Play in your day as needed. Launch Breakthru through the personal tab, pick a mood, and let go.

In a chat

Call on Breakthru in a chat and gift a breakthru to your teammates. Choose the mood to gift them. Bring energy to your team's day.

In a meeting

Share breakthru in a meeting. Launched by the meeting organizer in the context of a call. As an icebreaker. As the opening of a break period. At the close of a meeting. As a way to create collective energy, by bringing people together through movement and play.

Breakthru is not just an individual betterment tool but focused on the wellbeing of the group. At its core is the belief that people adopt healthier habits and thrive with support and accountability to a community. To encourage remote collaboration, Breakthru is designed to be shared in a meeting or given as a gift by a friend, colleague, or trusted leader within an organization. People take better care of themselves when they take care of each other.

Useful to enterprise and employees today, as they navigate a new work landscape, and to educators and students as they navigate the new learning landscape. Breakthru delivers mental and physical wellbeing impact as we help people combat sedentary behavior, modulate their sense of time, and build new restorative habits.

User Quotes:

“I really resonated with that concept of meditation, but physically like for your body and your mind at the same time.”

“It felt so good to just stretch my arms around, and in the morning too, I feel a lot more awake. So that was great.”

“It just gets you active, reminds you, but it makes it fun. And the best part, it's only two minutes. Two minutes is ideal.”

This app, with your permission, will have access to your camera to capture movement, but not to photograph or record you, during the duration of the immersive experience.

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