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CardioLog Analytics tracks Microsoft Teams and provides meaningful usage reports

CardioLog Analytics enables you to track usage that matters most to you within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, with an insightful array of reports available at your fingertips that can easily be shared with your team members. Here is what the app can do:

1. CardioLog Analytics provides actionable insights and reporting and enables organizations to improve usability, drive collaboration, boost user engagement, and enhance overall business productivity

2. CardioLog Analytics produces powerful reporting to empower organizations with the intelligent data they need to make vital business decisions

3. Our intuitive and holistic dashboards provide the most crucial insights with measurable statistics and goals for your Microsoft Teams activity

4. Pin the CardioLog Analytics App to your Team to easily share reports for your Team with your team members

5. Reports can be filtered by specific channels

6. CardioLog Analytics allows you to slice and dice analytics data based on user information (such as department, office, team, title, city and more)

7. Using CardioLog Analytics App for Microsoft Teams you can learn:

• How many members, channels, chat threads, messages, reactions and mentions your team has

• Which team members have low engagement and might require training

• Which messages have low engagement or no response at all

• Which devices are used the most to access Teams

• How much time users spend in meetings and calls

• Who the most active as well as inactive users are

• Which channels are used the most

• Who the top contributing users are

• What the most used Apps are

• What the top shared files are

• Which topics are trending

• And more…

In order to use this app, you must have an active CardioLog Analytics subscription. If you don't have an active subscription, start your free trial [here](

Please note: Data in reports is refreshed once a day. Content of a newly created team will appear in the report within 24 hours of being configured in CardioLog Analytics SaaS.

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