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Ariya enables you to work with data and information simpler and faster

Ariya is an AI-powered digital assistant that uses a conversational interface to make working with information easier and faster.

It can seamlessly integrate with your organization’s knowledge repository and information sources like CRM, SAP, and more. Ariya gets instant access to business information, anytime and anywhere. It's simple, innovative and intuitive interface changes the traditional ways of working with data and information. Ariya is a next-generation AI application designed and built by domain experts to meet all information needs of users in the healthcare industry. Take control of your data and information. Backed by a domain trained framework, Ariya ensures accurate responses. It uses deep learning and gets smarter with each use case. It's advanced language model ensures responses are relevant. Designed to give an immersive conversational experience, Ariya’s skills can be leveraged by any user groups and all business functions. Ariya assists business professionals in healthcare maintain a competitive edge and work more efficiently. It can serve organizational as well as individual user goals. The platform is domain-trained and designed to deliver recurring impact for the users. Ariya is also proactive; it does not need to wait for a question. It can proactively deliver data that users need to see, when they need to see it.

**What can Ariya do for you?**

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**How to begin:**

Ariya is only accessible with a corporate account, please contact us

Az alkalmazás képességei

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