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The ReadifyRM application is used to identify potential hazards and assess their impact.

ReadifyRM is a SharePoint-based product that includes both a SharePoint-based web part and a Full Page web part that offers an effective solution for Risk Management for different types of Hazards, their impacts, mitigation strategies, reporting, and so on, and ensuring that it

receives the necessary attention from users. With ReadifyRM, you can accomplish the following things: Assess vulnerabilities. While doing these users can evaluate vulnerabilities and make additions,

modifications, and searches based on their specific needs. Identify potential hazards at this time users can conveniently review and select hazards they intend to address. Additionally, they can access

detailed descriptions of individual hazards by hovering the cursor over them. Furthermore, users can add and modify hazards and assign different types, such as natural or technological. Analyze the impact

of hazards while performing these users can evaluate and indicate the impact of hazards based on whether they have successfully addressed all the requirements outlined in the mitigation plan. Users can

develop a mitigation plan. ReadifyRM allows users to create actions aimed at minimizing risks and strengthening the organization's resilience. Users can assign experts to each action and attach relevant

documents, pictures, and other materials. Moreover, experts and users can collaborate and communicate regarding individual actions. Additionally, users can track daily updates on the progress of actions.

By following these steps, organizations can improve their preparedness and response capabilities to protect their assets, operations, and personnel. [Contact Us](