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Isograd Learning Platform is an online courseware solution for Microsoft 365.

The Isograd Learning Platform is state-of-the-art test-prep and courseware solution for Tosa certifications. It offers an interactive learning experience with the flexibility to suite the individual needs of each student.

An in-app learning experience for Microsoft 365 Apps is offered and allows students to explore the practical use of Microsoft applications to progress scholastically and build a foundation of skills for starting a career.

Isograd Learning is designed to help students master key concepts and, develop their knowledge and skills to be better prepared to take the Tosa certification exams.

It also assists teachers to easily implement curriculum and supports all users with a wide range of features including:

• A ‘Learn by Doing’ self-paced approach – goes beyond traditional eLearning

• Preliminary assessments to evaluate current knowledge level

• In-class or remote learning with access to available resources

• Learning tools to accommodate all students’ needs like:

• eBooks, flashcards, and short videos that reinforce understanding and support knowledge retention

• Built-in Immersive Reader – allows students to effortlessly engage with content

• Project-based learning challenges that encourage students to apply their knowledge through real-life exercises

• Option to retry tasks to validate understanding

• Progress tracking

• Alignment with Tosa certification exam objectives for optimal test-prep

• Teachers choose learning structure - prescriptive, specific content, or all course content

• Teacher Resources and functionality that simplify the experience like:

• Customized teacher involvement

• Flexibility to change the order of lessons based on curriculum

• Analytics that allow customization of classes and study groups

• Ability to create multiple groups

• Ability to add multiple teachers to a group

• Customization of curriculum and learning plans

• Offline activities that model key concepts in different ways

• Answer keys

• Practice questions and exercises

• Teacher presentation files with scripts that go through lesson topics

• LTI® compliant for seamless integration

• Scalable - supports schools and districts of any size

The Isograd Learning Platform for Office Add-in requires a valid subscription to Isograd Learning. Contact us at EMAIL to order your subscription today.

Please Note: This Add-in does not support IE, download and install the latest Microsoft Office version or use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox or Apple Safari.

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