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Agworld for Growers (Beta)


The world’s leading collaborative farm management platform to understand your profitability

The Agworld platform allows all users to collect data at every level of their operation and enables them to share this data with anyone that matters to them. This means that growers, farmhands, agronomists, input providers, contractors, banks, accountants, landowners and many other stakeholders are able to all work together on the same set of data. Everyone can collect new data and access all other data they have been given access to.

With our platform and its unique structured data system, Agworld offers its users unparalleled insights that empower them to make more profitable decisions than if they did not use Agworld. Connect your Agworld grower account, see what has been done and compare to your budgets to stay on track financially and agronomically.

Agworld is aligned with growers and their stakeholders. As an independent and privately owned company that does not sell your data or use your data to sell you inputs or other goods and services, your data is safe with us.

_________________________ Core Platform: Connect with your advisors and map out your farms and fields. You can plan, schedule and record your applications on each field, record rainfall and use a range of workflow tools to ensure every job is done correctly and on-time. Insights: Report on your planned agronomic and financial positions, analyse each field, farm or crop using heatmaps and in-depth field-level data. Report on your company’s performance, worker protection and use custom reports to pull out any data relevant to your operation. Planning: Create comprehensive production plans and budgets for future seasons to ensure everyone is on the same page. Templates make planning quick and easy to ensure you’re ready for the season ahead. Scheduling: Utilise in-app work orders and our scheduling tool to create, assign and schedule jobs across your team. Each applicator can view the jobs to be done on a map with turn by turn directions to make sure the right job is getting done. Integrations: Integrate your Agworld data with a range of our industry partners; save yourself time and avoid duplicate data entry. This app requires an Agworld Enterprise Subscription and is available to growers only. Please contact your Agworld account manager if you have any questions.