General Ledger analytics by ZAP

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General Ledger analytics for faster, better insights into your data.

An open and agile data warehouse automation platform, ZAP Data Hub is the fastest, most automated and user-friendly software for preparing and generating modern data warehouses in Microsoft Azure.

If your data sources include SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics, SYSPRO or Sage, ZAP is far and away the best choice, thanks to tailored data connectors, pre-built Unified Data Models and Power BI analytics for many functional areas such as: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales, Procurement, Inventory, and Manufacturing.

If you are a data professional that needs fast, automated and agile data warehouse delivery onto Microsoft Azure or Microsoft SQL Server, look no further than ZAP Data Hub. It signals an end to expensive consulting, endless requirements discovery, providing a toolset that rapidly moves and mashup your data onto Azure, and offering you pre-built analytics in Power BI. With Data Hub, you can spend more time delivering value rather than building complex projects.

A successful journey to the Microsoft and Azure data platforms, and faster time-to-insights starts with ZAP Data Hub for Power BI.

Unified Data Models

ZAP Data Hub’s optimized, pre-built Unified Data Model solutions conquer the inherent data challenges of reporting and analytics from the SME-focused business management and ERP systems. It models and enriches standard data into a consistent, standardized and centralized data warehouse, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Data warehouses and automation software like ZAP Data Hub allow you to merge several datasources in a centralized place, automatically profile, prepare and transform data in a way that it can easily be analyzed, interpreted and reporting on by end-users. It becomes a trusted repository for organizational data with a focus on data quality and enrichment. It can store more data in an optimized format and perform advanced transformations and routines, such as tracking changes in data and recording history.

ZAP Data Hub for Reporting with Power BI is the best, most flexible and fastest way to centralize and analyze your data.

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