Online Commitment

kiadó: Analytikus, LLC

Get a commitment & effort index of the students of your institution

Imagine being able to know the student commitment through the learning management platforms in order to help vulnerable students failing in courses or at risk of dropping out. This Machine Learning / Advanced Analytics solution generates an index of student commitment for each student, additionally allows measuring the involvement of students through variables such as participation, tasks, access to forums and among other variables.
What is it?
Machine Learning solution / Advanced Analytics developed through mathematical models
What does it do?
This solution allows you to know how committed each student is to the university. We use information relationated to the commitment that a student has with the university to generate an index. Based on this index, it is possible to identify vulnerable students with high commitment to the university to establish viable academic retention strategies.
Why is it valuable?
The use of this solution by teachers, tutors, career directors and in general of the academic team of the university allows direct impact on the personalized monitoring of the student and therefore on their academic performance.
How does it work?
• Integrates information that accounts for student commitment
• Connection with different university source systems
• Integration of a single profile per student
• Measures the commitment of each student
• Calculate the statistical student commitment index
• Identify vulnerable students with high commitment to your university to retain them
• Visualization of results in control boards
• Strategic control boards: University Commitment Index
• Operational control boards: Know vulnerable students to drop-out
• Cloud service
• Hosting, storage, calibration maintenance and automatic shifting
• Integrates information on the academic, financial and demographic profile of each student