Trial access to PII Vault for testing, validation

kiadó: Anonomatic, Inc.

Remote multi-source data anonymization w/ anonymous data matching and dynamic data masking

PII Vault
Solves PII Compliance obligations for CTOs, Data Scientists & others working on data science projects by eliminating the need to share, receive or process PII
PII Vault was built for organizations who need to either combine private data from different sources or use their production data in non-production environments.
To combine data from different sources we enable those sources to anonymize their data, behind their firewall, and share only the anonymous results. We are the only product which then enables multiple anonymized data sets to be combined without the use of PII.
To safely use production data in non-production systems (i.e. QA or Training environments) PII Vault provides the means to replace the private values in the non-production database with anonymous pseudonyms ensuring no risk of exposure of PII.

Target Audiences
The target audience for PII Vault is any organization, globally, who needs to do access or use data identified by PII for any of the following:
• Share either internally or externally
• Receive from multiple sources
• Access without the privacy compliance overhead 
• Use in non-production environments