Priority Matrix

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Priority Matrix helps teams manage, prioritize, and focus on high-impact tasks.

Powerful integrations

Priority Matrix is a fully featured project management software that works on desktop, mobile, and integrates deeply into Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Priority Matrix helps teams prioritize, focus, and work smarter:
  • Manage tasks and projects directly within Teams
  • Surface related tasks using our AI-powered Teams bot
  • Turn emails into tasks with Priority Matrix for Outlook
  • Insert smart cards about your tasks in your Teams conversations
  • Open a one-on-one view to discuss action items shared with a teammate
  • Get notifications and suggestions of relevant tasks from the Priority Matrix chatbot, or from the connector

Focus on what matters

Priority Matrix also comes with powerful integrations and uses all of Teams' capabilities: chatbot, messaging extensions, action cards, task module, tabs, notifications connectors and more. Use Priority Matrix for Office 365 to...
  • Replace your existing project management solution and use fewer apps
  • Have all your tasks, priorities, responsibilities available in one location
  • Reduce context switching
  • Save time and resources
  • Have clear understanding of all projects across your team

What makes it unique?

  • Time-tested methodology to achieve results
  • Fully-featured project management solution that fully works within Teams
  • Integrated with Outlook so you don't need any other apps to manage collaboration
  • Artificial-Intelligence technology helps prioritize and track the right project and people
  • Integrated into Microsoft Teams and works on all devices
  • Powerful features in Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and on Priority Matrix for mobile and desktop