Apptimized Catalogue

kiadó: apptimized

Instant access to the latest versions of the world’s most commonly requested application packages.

It's tough to keep your software estate Evergreen with traditional processes. Apptimized Catalogue helps keep your estate current by providing the latest versions of the world's most widely used applications, packaged and ready to deploy.

Catalogue features:

Most commonly used ready-to-deploy applications in 32-bit and 64-bit versions and various formats including PSADT wrapping.

24/7 online access to application packages
All applications and packages are constantly available and supported by Apptimized around the clock.

Stay evergreen and updated
The latest versions available to order within 24 hours of release after any update by the vendor - ready for download within 48 after request.

All packages need to pass multiple QA stages, including virus scans to guarantee safety from malware and malicious scripts.

Universal formats
Catalogue contains application packages in the most frequently used formats like MSI, App-V, IntuneWin and MSIX, optionally PSADT wrapped.

Internet access and browsers like IE, Firefox or Chrome are the only prerequisites needed for accessing Catalogue.
Our solution includes applications such as Adobe Reader, 7-Zip, Java, Mozilla Firefox, Filezilla, Google Chrome, Visual C++, as well as a host of others.
Save time, money and effort, and stay updated, secure and Evergreen, anytime.