BVR MedRep

kiadó: BeverCRM LLC

Digital transformation of the work of a medical representative

App is available only in Russian language. BeverCRM Pharm is a fully functional relationship management system based on Dynamics 365 for pharmaceutical companies with medical institutions. It's Azure compatible. The system is based on the management of planning visits to honey. institutions and meetings with doctors, performance monitoring, analytical reporting, performance evaluation of medical representatives. The maximum productivity of the representatives in promoting the brand and products of the company, reducing the time for planning and executing activities, collecting feedback and receiving analytical reports is the main result of using the BeverCRM Pharm system. Powerful tools for data visualization and the rapid receipt of analytical reports are the key to the high efficiency of the interaction of pharmaceutical companies with medical institutions, pharmacies, doctors and fellow pharmacists. Bever Pharm provides maximum productivity for representatives of the company to promote the brand and products of the company, while reducing planning time and execution of activities, collecting feedback and obtaining analytical reporting. Key features and benefits: 1. Automation of the work of medical representatives.Includes the entire process from planning visits to medical facilities before execution, feedback collection, and segmentation by categories of doctors and pharmacists pharmacies.segmentation by categories of doctors and pharmacists pharmacies. 2. A single consolidated database. Always at hand all the data about medical institutions, their specialties and doctors, as well as about promoted drugs and brands, their descriptions and presentation materials. 3. Segmentation of the customer base. The system includes flexible and easy-to-use segmentation tools for doctors and pharmacists according to various criteria 4. Analytical reporting. Access to the necessary analytical reporting and data visualization allows you to always be informed about current performance indicators, and therefore quickly and accurately plan the work of representatives and make the right decisions on marketing activities. A well-developed and flexible notification system will always remind you of the occurrence of certain events. Main Advantages: - A unified database of doctors, medical institutions and pharmacies - Management of the work of medical representatives - Management of drug promotion campaigns - Visualization of key indicators. Plan fact analysis Flexible management tools for the leader Managing a team of medical representatives. - Development of individual action plans - Training and development of a group of medical representatives - Performance monitoring and data analysis Organization of work to promote the services of the company. - Identification of key customers - Maintaining relationships with doctors Monitoring visits and feedback - Coordination of drug promotion activities