Bidvest ALICE: SaaS for Governance and Assurance

kiadó: Bidvest Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd

ALICE is an intelligent platform enabling assurance departments (GRC) to automate their procedures.

ALICE is a platform that enables you to create an ecosystem of digital services to govern, manage and monitor your business.  She combines intelligent automation with cognitive services to create a digital workforce to assist those charged with governance and management oversight responsibilities with real-time and continuous visibility into a business.


Often those charged with governance and management oversight have to rely on a consolidation of insights generated from manual processes to gain visibility into the risks of the entire business environment.  ALICE provides a platform to automate the generation of consolidated insights based on automated collection mechanisms, continuous and remote running of cognitive services and automated reporting capabilities.  These consolidated insights are provided to those charged with governance and management oversight responsibilities through a single pane of glass with drill-down facilities available.


Through the automated data collection mechanisms and intelligent translation and reporting capabilities, ALICE creates digital services.  Business logic and rules are translated into repeatable algorithms and augmented with cognitive services, as required, are applied to data assets to:

- Identify exceptions;

- Provide valuable insights;

- Provide focused monitoring mechanisms of business risks;

- Provide stratified sample selections; and/or

- Provide intelligent opinions over entire populations, if required.


The above outcomes of the digital services are available in default dashboards and working papers in ALICE or are available as data points accessed via ALICE's APIs to be visualized and reported in any GRC Tool or BI tool of choice.