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Clue - Investigation Case Management and Intelligence Software


Clue is an intelligence, investigation and case management platform, used by law enforcement, government, non-profits and the private sector.  Clue runs in in Azure, is cloud optimised, and utilises a host Azure services. 

Our customers undertake investigations globally and include many of the worlds leading investigation units across government and the private sector.  Customers include the London Metropolitan Police, the UK Home Office, Amazon, Dropbox, The International Cricket Council, Wimbledon, The UK National Health Service, Oxfam International and many more.

Clue is an out of the box, highly configurable product which can be tailored to suit different environments and organisations that undertake investigations. Our users investigate everything from fraud, insider threats, security, complaints, economic crime, corruption, counter-extremism, environmental crime, child protection, organised crime, animal crime and much more. Here are some of the reasons people choose Clue:

Here are the reasons people choose Clue:

1) Easy to use - User experience always comes first, simplicity is key.

2) Interoperable - Easy data exchange with other systems using the Clue API.

3) Secure and accessible - Accessed securely anywhere and on any device.

4) Configurable - Can be customised to suit any investigative unit, out of the box.

5) Powerful search - Instant search across all data and all attachments

6) Innovative - Quarterly upgrades including new features and enhancements


  • Investigation case management with flexible workflow
  • Incident management to triage complaints and referrals
  • Create, assess, action and disseminate intelligence
  • Automation of case file preparation and full disclosure management
  • Secure, freely available API for easy integration
  • Comprehensive tasking capability linked to workflow
  • Secure storage of digital attachments linked to records
  • Powerful, instant search, including digital attachments
  • Data charting, analytics and visualisation
  • Risk management, internal audit, reporting and control


  • Easy to use, minimal training
  • Access securely, on any device, in any location
  • Highly configurable to match your business processes
  • Enables pro-active intelligence led investigations
  • Supports reactive investigations and cold case reviews
  • Disclosure process is robust and efficient, nothing is missed
  • Enhancing management oversight using dashboards and reporting
  • Quick deployment, out of the box
  • API makes secure data sharing with other systems easy
  • Empower investigators to uncover more from their data