CODA Footprint Proactive Managed Security for MSPs

kiadó: CODA Intelligence

Start delivering proactive managed security services in minutes with our AI-driven SaaS platform

CODA Footprint is the first SaaS proactive managed security platform that is designed specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).
It enables you to quickly deliver continuous cyber risk and managed security services to new and existing Customers. By leveraging machine learning and big data we bring you comprehensive and personalized risk reports in minutes. With no upfront investments and even with little or no involvement of your engineering and secops teams. 
You are thus able to prioritize response to real risk scenarios computed on the actual vulnerabilities identified on your customers’ digital assets. Compared to the traditional approach Footprint makes this possible in minutes, instead of weeks of intense work by a strong team of security experts. And that’s not all! Once your customers are onboarded into Footprint, you'll be receiving instant alerts, recommendations and meaningful notifications on their cyber risk evolution. All thanks to our AI. You can then take an immediate action, build a remediation plan or build a strategic roadmap to cover all relevant controls to achieve and ensure compliance over time.
Built-in automations and integrations (with CRM, ERP, PSA, RMM, SIEM, SOAR) boost your teams' productivity in both presales, service delivery and customer success. Footprint is able to discover and assess any IT asset on-prem or in the cloud, by using and agent-based, agentless or BYOL scanner, or a mix that you can choose for each customer.