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Crescendo is a mobile presentation tool for your documents in Sharepoint, OneDrive and other sources

Crescendo is a mobile sales enablement and presentation tool tailored for teams that require reliable access to updated content, online and offline. Crescendo turns files and folders into a branded, elegant presentation resource. Crescendo directly accesses content on corporate Sharepoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, or, so you never migrate documents outside of these proven security-approved platforms. Who needs Crescendo? Teams that need up-to-date access to content at all times and want a custom look and feel to their mobile presentation tool. Crescendo’s powerful features benefits marketing, field sales and many other teams that rely on consistent content. What does it do? Crescendo becomes a beautiful custom branded presentation of your content – online and offline. It automatically syncs with the document cloud storage that you already use. When you add a presentation, edit documents or create extra folders, your entire team is updated immediately and always on the same page. What do I need to use Crescendo? You need an account in Sharepoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Salesforce.