Corolar Virtual Care (CVC)

kiadó: Calian Digital Solutions Ltd.

An Integrated Telemedicine and Care Collaboration app on Microsoft Azure and Teams

Corolar Virtual Care is an integrated app on Microsoft Azure and Teams that enables healthcare providers to rapidly launch high-quality virtual care clinics tailored for their communities. Access patient data and manage clinics in the familiar Teams environment for more efficient care team collaboration, greater patient engagement and better health outcomes.

Using Corolar Virtual Care, you can provide:

· seamless virtual and in-person care

· online patient registration and intake

· clinic-specific and appointment-type intake form(s)

· customized care-pathways for streamlined workflows

· on-demand notification/call-back to patients

· convenient virtual lobby experience

· one unified system for all care partners

· integration to any EHR/EMR via FHR APIs or HL7 standards

Ninety-six percent (96%) of patients who experience virtual care using CVC report that they would recommend the virtual care service to others! In short, CVC can significantly improve patient’s user experience during virtual care.