DCP Legal – Data Compliance Solution


DCP Legal, the legal technology software, manages data governance within the scope of KVKK & GDPR.

DCP Legal is a legal technology software that is developed to manage the data governance process of all entities operating within the scope of KVKK in Turkey and GDPR in Europe. DCP Legal is secure, user-friendly and simple platform. Within its tree structure, group companies can manage the process from single platform as well. 

• Comply with KVKK and GDPR
• Simplify compliance program with its modules
• Automate the intake and fulfillment of privacy rights requests 
• Highly secure hosting in the Cloud environment
• Detailed legal analysis and process approval mechanism
• Multi-language support
• 24/7 support

DCP Legal is empowered to navigate through complexity. It simplifies and embeds privacy into the DNA of their organizations. The platform is able to understand requirements quickly, plan and prioritize intelligently, act rapidly. It measures and delivers ongoing results that demonstrate proactive privacy, governance, risk and accountability management.

DCP Legal features:
• Data processing activities are managed in accordance with the laws (KVKK / GDPR) and regulations with the KVK commission.
• In the LaaS environment, it is hosted with 1-Core / Multi-Database structure and high security elements.
• Ability to work fully integrated with external applications and has multi-language support.
• Both KVKK and GDPR compliant. 
• Business processes entered by business unit officers are assigned to the Legal department in order to be submitted to the approval mechanism. Information mails that trigger process actions are sent.
• Prepares VERBIS report and enables detailed data map viewing.