DEFEND iCE - Managed Azure Sentinel and XDR

kiadó: DEFEND Limited

DEFEND iCE powered by Azure Lighthouse

Built on Azure Sentinel, DEFEND iCE is a Managed XDR (MXDR) service solution to investigate, respond and recover to incident alerts and events across your IT landscape. Connect your Microsoft 365, Azure and AWS services into iCE to increase visibility of incidents and alerts, gain understanding of utilisation and user activity, and to respond to threats as they occur.

DEFEND Intelligent Cybersecurity Ecosystem or iCE is a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to supplement their existing SOC capability, or wholly outsource SOC capability to DEFEND's Security Operations Center. iCE is built on Azure Sentinel and by leveraging Sentinel, organizations can bring incidents and alerts from various areas of their Microsoft and non-Microsoft workloads to surface security incidents and events but also gain understanding and insights from the workbook capabilities of Azure Sentinel. The key components of our iCE Service are a layered defense approach with a risk-based approach and threat-aligned context, and orchestrated response using a comprehensive library of playbooks to shorten the window of opportunity for an attacker.

Azure Sentinel is a Cloud-Native SIEM built on the Microsoft Azure Platform that provides scalability without constraints from the underlying infrastructure that provides next-generation capability for Corporate and Enterprise. Azure Sentinel allows organizations to maximize ROI and reduce TCO with their existing Security investments, particularly with the Microsoft 365 security capability.

Key features of DEFEND iCE:
  • 24x7 Fully Managed SOC Service with Outsource capability to supplement Internal SOC teams.
  • Highly Available monitoring, investigation and hunting capabilities built within the Azure Sentinel service.
  • Predictable costs based on ingestion charges and support level.
  • Market-leading SLAs and reporting.
  • Easy deployment and onboarding into your environment within days.

DEFEND is a Security Solutions Partner under the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program and leverages extensive cybersecurity industry experience along with deep Microsoft security expertise to bring tremendous value and insights through our iCE service to organizations across industries. DEFEND has recently won the 2020 Microsoft NZ Partner of the Year for Modern Work and Security and is also a member of the DIA Marketplace for Government and Public Sector within New Zealand.