Eightwire Data Exchange

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Eightwire automatically moves data between systems. Easily, securely and faster than ever before.


Eightwire is a SaaS tool that automates the thousands of hours of manual work needed to move business data. This means pain-free data integration across applications and platforms, both on-premise and in the cloud.


Many businesses need to ingest data from external organisations and integrate data across multiple internal systems. With Eightwire, businesses can ingest data from almost any external system within a matter of minutes for analytics and collaboration applications.

With Eightwire, non-technical users and more technical managers of an organisations data can deliver complex data solutions without needing to build code.

With the high level of security Eightwire can remove the barriers and risk of inter-company data transfers when compared to APIs and file transfer.

Eightwire can connect to many of the data storage systems that businesses rely on including relational databases, Azure PaaS storage, files, and manage FTP data feeds.

Eightwire is trusted by central governments, insurers, consultancies, and banks around the world.

Eightwire is English-language-based, but can be adapted via an API to be presented in any other language.


Eightwire's on-premise connector runs under your security context and control and only initiates outbound connections on port 443.

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. No data resides on Eightwire's service after a load completes.

With the separation of duty features, the only way to view data sent through Eightwire is to access the source or destination system. Eightwire cannot intercept or view any data that passes through its system.


  • Connect to almost any enterprise data store.
  • Adjusts data mappings for unexpected changes.
  • Automatically determines how to move data from one system to the other
  • Pulls data from the source and calculates insert/update/delete on almost any destination system.
  • Reactively corrects data errors
  • Puts unfixable errors aside to be fixed by


Automates 80% of the work

With traditional data integration, 100% of the effort comes from developers hand coding. Eightwire automates 80% of that effort, so skilled developers can work on the difficult technical challenges more efficiently.

Removes platform, location and skill silos

Eightwire integrates data easily across any platform. It reduces the gap between the skills and the desired goal, so integration projects can be completed without years of experience.

Self-healing data feeds

Eightwire automatically manages change and fixes data errors that can cause systems to crash. For an average customer, this means several thousand errors are fixed every month, saving hundreds of hours in business downtime.