– Identity Verification

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Automated Identity Verification for Customer Onboarding – Any Nation, Any Format

Banks, Financial Institutions, e-commerce, mobile telephony companies and many others struggle to balance fraud detection and customer experience while onboarding customers. provides an end-to-end solution for identity verification using artificial intelligence providing contactless but connected customer onboarding experience.

IN-D Identity Verification automates the following steps:

  1. Classification of the ID

  2. Digitization and Data Extraction 

  3. Validation – Cross-verification across IDs and/or with a public data source

  4. Optional Add-ons – face-match and signature verification


The self-learning module of IN-D allows you to train IN-D for any new document type by uploading as few as 20 samples. 


Following features of IN-D make it the efficient and cost-effective identity verification solution:

  •'s is able to accept documents in all formats and works perfectly fine with imperfectly-captured document images. 

  • Documents can be submitted individually or in bulk

  • Processes rotated images with angles ranging from –(minus) 90 degrees to +(plus) 90 degrees

  • High accuracy with images-with-background and images-without-background

  • Processes random brightness and random zoom in images

  • Available as an API for easy integration with your workflows


You can also combine this with liveliness check for eKYC (or Video KYC), available separately on Azure Marketplace and Azure Appsource. 


As a ISO27001:2013 certified organization for information security that works with global financial institutions, ensures your peace of mind with safe, secure and automated identity verification.