Aster by DiliTrust - Your assistant for efficient meetings

kiadó: Aster

Aster is your assistant integrated in O365 that makes your recurring team meeting more efficient.

Aster is your assistant, integrated in O365, which makes your recurring team meeting more efficient.

Directly from your Outlook agenda and from Teams, Aster prepares your team meetings according to the roles of participants, and then generates and automatically shares your minutes, while being connected to Teams, Planner and Sharepoint.


  • three times more decisions taken in meetings
  • 15% less time spent each year in meetings.


  1. Staff meetings
  2. Steering committees
  3. Project meetings (project review,…)
  4. Agile meetings (retrospectives, sprint planning)


  1. Reduce the time spent by managers in meetings
  2. Improve and automate the flow of information between meetings

Integrations - Aster is fully integrated into the Office 365 tools:

  • Aster is available from your Outlook agenda
  • You can prepare your Aster’s meeting from Teams (thanks to Aster bot) or the Aster plugin within your Outlook mailbox or Edge
  • Tasks in Aster minutes are synchronized with Planner
  • Aster minutes are saved in OneNote

This application is available in English & French.